Tom’s son on Thomson and SEO Diagnostics


Thomson and SEO Diagnostics

Thomson-Reuters appears to have seen the light on the internet and is aggressively seeking expertise in the new old medium.  Google or BING “Thomson, SEO, jobs” and see yourself what Tom’s son saw.  Read the SpeedSynch SEO Semantic Diagnostics map below crafted by software almost ten years old and wrapped with Microsoft Excel 2010 for better, faster and cooler Semantic SEO.

For me the interesting part of their search which is seemingly designed to bootstrap an entire business to serve the legal profession is the key element of SEO diagnostics.  How is it possible that lawyers would let a corporation with little experience in a critical part of their business sell them services?  Will the Thomson brand make up for the tardiness to market?

I know a dozen folks that should be able to outdo any Thomson expert and would except that they use SEO to make money personally.  These entrepreneurs must instantly adapt to market changes and non-market changes like changes to search engine algorithms.  They are highly flexible and fast, don’t have layers of management and conflicting metrics or politics.

Thomson may make money and hopefully  their SEO diagnotics will add some humour to our day, after all would you get a firm with a web site with the semantic meaning below to craft SEO?

Click on Semantic SEO MAP to enlarge…

SpeedSynch Semantic SEO map of Thomson-Findlaw site 2010.08.01

Would you call these guys to do your SEO?

But what does this post have to do with semantic SEO?  — Nothing that’s the point…Thomson, though on the other hand it could be worse…wait until they discover Social Media!



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