New Twitter Advertising Rules


The new Twitter ‘Resonance’ advertising model makes it imperative for you to understand why corporations have a difficult time with Tweets as they are generated by people they don’t know and can’t influence.

Resonance Rules

The insipiration for this post came from this post How Companies Should Approach the New Twitter Advertising Model which is important to know as now ‘New Twitter Advertising Rules’ contains some of its resonance.

Sales and Influencers

If someone called Twitter and ordered advertising after reading this post then “How Companies Should Approach the New Twitter Advertising Model” is the root cause of the purchase.

Influencers vs Content

The critical thing to consider in determining the value of Influencers to your internet marketing campaigns is the content.  Did I create this post because of the influencer–NO.  I don’t know him even though he might have hundreds of followers.  I searched on the content, found his blog post and show how we use Semantic SEO reports @SpeedSynch

Content and Semantic Profits

My semantic blog illustrates how Google, BING and Yahoo are forced to switch from using SEO keywords phrases to Semantic Themes because the blogs swamp the pitiful amount of corporate content on the internet.  Twitter has made the imperative to move to semantics stronger and Googles recent purchase of Freebase from Metaweb puts them in a position to move faster than the rest.

Semantic meaning lets you track Tweets and blog posts to determine IF there is a concept that is carried from Influencers to follower–NOT RETWEETS but rather the meaning.

I didn’t Tweet or RE-TWEET the blog post “How Companies Should Approach the New Twitter Advertising Model” but I did employ some of the meaning.

Can you guess which meaning elements are here?

I will post about it soon!


Nick Trendov

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