Twitter Resonance, Streams and Content


This is why Twitter’s Resonance Advertising Model makes the question ‘SEO vs Social Media’ redundant…

@SpeedSynch and Twitter Resonance

Twitter faz-nos todas as estrelas do rádio @bluetrainseo Twitter makes us all Radio Stars — BlueTrain SEO Twitter Resonance #speedsynch #IN

Tweet KEY

 a. Portuguese header–Brazilians use Twitter in waves and frequently–good audience.

b. @BlueTrainSEO followed me so I measured his Twitter Stream ‘Resonance’

c. Twitter Radio–Each blogger is a radio station with BLOG and CONTENT resonance

d. #speedsynch–an imbedded query to my Tweets

e. #IN–tells LinkedIN to copy my Tweet and post it to my LinkedIN home page.

f. Shows Off-Tweet CONTENT and RESONANCE

It is possible for me to shift my resonance faster than SEO.

Resonance and Semantic Meaning

The ability to shift blog and content resonance is critical as people change the way they describe similar questions and answers by about 40% per month which means SEO shelf life is less than on month because it takes about a month to analyze, create, deploy…never mind get noticed by the search engines.

Resonance will rule, and very quickly.


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