Social Media Resonance


Social Media is an ‘overnight’ success because it resonates with the interests and needs of people which means that corporate analysts will increase their monitoring of the social media spaces.  Indeed it appears that Social Media platforms are effectively ‘one way mirrors’ with community members going about their business on one side of the mirror and corporate behavioural analysts watching on the other.

Three Monitoring Elements

  1. starting measures 
  2. why, how, where and when do we measure
  3. priorities and how to rank results

In my experience analysts dive into detail too fast and it is often not necessary to measure every datapoint to achieve your monitoring goals.

Three Content Elements

  1. The source or blogger 
  2.  The content meaning or story
  3. The impact of the content

Now let’s get specific. I’ve been watching Twitter’s resonance advertising model and contrasting it to how Google is moving to Semantic SEO from easily manipulated SEO measures. 

By employing ‘traditional’ SEO marketing measures for a marketing campaign the odds are in two months you will have to repeat the process as the SEO terms you need will be taken by bloggers who can generate more content than you–for example, by placing backlinks on a dental site to boost rank for Hepa filter site or content.

This is similar for Twitter and the ‘old’ measures of using Re-Tweets, mentions, etc…are just as easily manipulated as now world wide Tweeting is possible and it is impractical at best to check the identities of each Tweeter or blog poster…
We can check content meaning posted or Tweeted and compare it to historical blog posts and interests to see if they ‘resonate’

I’ve posted an example in the movie business which anyone can see if they go to my blog and check the Twitter Trending by looking for ‘EXPENDABLES’ , ‘INCEPTION’ and ‘Scott Pilgrim’.

Which measures should you use to understand Social Media Resonance?

Any important to your customers and their customers. Typically the ‘usual measures’ are not too helpful.



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