New Data Mining Resonance Rules


Whether or not you use data mining to support your internet marketing campagns depends on your budget and if your focus is technology or customer behaviour patterns.

Typically data mining looks at historical data, hence the term mining, and if you believe that your product will continue to be purchased by similar customers in similar patterns then this is the solution for you.

Data mining vendors include; Microsoft, SAS, IBM, Oracle, SAP in the top tier and plenty in the next level down.

Data Mining vs Data Aligning

If you believe that the market is always moving then focus on behaviour patterns starting with your customers and then look outwards with surveys, sales rep updates, internet social media and Twitter blog posts.
Of course this is not data mining but rather content ‘aligning’ where you look at the behaviours that your products support and customer perspectives of the value and used of your products.

Looking at blogs and Tweets keeps you in tune with the market and complements how you sell to current customers based on their historical buying patterns (old school data mining) and when you competitors introduce a new promotion or product you can see the impact on your customers if you combine data mining and aligning.

On the technology side you can do quite a lot with Excel2010 and simple sorting. To go further add ACCESS or SQL. The other data mining technologies export to Excel so this approach starts with the simple and adds complexity as needed. Be aware that it may take you longer to assess the complex solutions that to build an effective simple one.

Since you know about SEO I will explain the ‘align’ from that perspective–

First perform a keyword ‘analysis’ of your product content, your websites and blogs (including Twitter) and the customer behaviours that you notice–start with blog posts.

Second align the keywords from Customer, Product and Content perspectives.

Third search for customers in your data with the keywords that decide are crticial for your next internet marketing campaign.

This is a quick description of ‘Resonance Marketing’ and Resonance is the core of Twitters new advertising model–Resonance is about ‘aligning’ as opposed to mining and while the two are complementary your customers, market and budget will determine which is better for you.  In our experience ‘aligning’ works better and faster with new products or adjusting ‘in-process’ marketing or advertising campaigns.

Data mining typically doesn’t include INFLUENCERS or thought leaders who can influence your customers and sales. Adding thought leaders to your CRM and marketing campaigns is one opportunity that many neglect.  We have posted a couple of refernce links below and additonal exemplars are on our two Twitter streams and associated SpeedSynch internet marketing software blogs.

@resonantview @speedsynch


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