How do you Know? –Predictive Analytics Learnings


‘How do you Know’ is a story about distorted perception told via ‘The Matrix’ and the three cafe tables.


The Matrix is made up of programs or ‘numbers’ who attempt to destroy people or ‘stories’ and the people learn to recognize programs as anomolies in the Matrix like woman in red dress that is among people dressed in black.


As woman or car goes past three cafe tables the person sitting at each table measures differently and later when they compare observations it seems as the ‘data’ or the woman/car changes as it goes past each table.

This happens between organizations, in organizations or at a cafe and attempts at precision doesn’t improve ‘accuracy’, indeed it distorts the ‘real’ thing whether it is a car or a woman that passes by cafe tables.

How do you Know? is a representation of the frequency, detail and perspective of measurement that is distorted further when it is recorded and yet again when it is retrieved and analyzed.

Significant stress is caused by mis-understanding or distorted perception caused by the analysis of content, either numbers or stories, that is inappropriately aggregated programatically or mathematically.

The next time you review ‘historical’ data for marketing or operational analytics consider the story of the 3 cafe tables and ask the simple question–How do you Know?


Nick @SpeedSynch @Groups_Groups @Scenario_2 @Marketstory

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