CV’s or Resumes are an outdated way to communicate skills and expertise


CV’s or Resumes are an out dated way to communicate skills and expertise as shown by SpeedSynch Resonance Maps.

Consider how close Tony’s CV and the Workopolis job requisition below which brilliantly communicates a need for expertise.

How Tony's CV Resonates & aligns his expertise to the Job requisition

Workopolis Job requisition and Resume or CV Resonance Alignment

This is how a Job Requisition RESONANTES

Tony used the @SpeedSynch Resonance Map of the Kingston Hospital job requisition to direct his interview focus from the perspective of the employer to rise above his competition!

The interview went very well and the final question was ‘do you have any questions’, to which Tony replied, ‘ tell me what you mean by Organizational development and how this project will impact your Stakeholders’.

How did Tony know that these were two critical issues for the employer?  He looked at the SpeedSynch Resonance Map;

Tony used the SpeedSynch Resonance map of the Job Requisition to ask 2 critical questions

@SpeedSynch Resonance Maps highlight 2 Critical Questions

Call us if you need to align people or project teams to reduce your risk or improve the quality of your project outcome.


Nick @Scenario2 @SpeedSynch


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