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Twitter the Radio Star


Twitter looks like an old school Radio Network if you think about Twitter feeds or streams as radio stations and the Twits that Tweet station managers–by the way I Tweet too.  Twitter wants to make you a Radio Star.

Twitter Resonance

Twitter, and I, believe that advertisers should pay more for Tweets that go further and are visible longer.  The stories attached to the long lasting, high quality Tweets are there because the Twitterverse believes that they are valueable.

Resonance and Value

What do you do when you see a ‘cool’ Tweet?  I measure it–figure out if it helps me now or might help me later.  The help means can it provide value, whatever that means to me.  Value includes passing on to others or Re-Tweets, RT to Twits everywhere and of course messages of ‘thanks’ are often received from the Twits whose Tweets are Re-Tweeted.

Resonance Measures

Though Twitter’s focus is the time and distance Tweet’s travel when they measure Resonance you should consider that each Tweet has its own CONTENT RESONANCE and each Twit, ok blogger or author, has their own BLOG RESONANCE.

SEO and Resonance

Twitter changes so quickly that the old way of shaping web sites and blogs for search engine spider visibility or SEO is now obsolete.

Yes, it will still be done and yes it will justify an invoice to a business owner but the search engines will slowly ignore the old ways and this starte May and June of this year with Google’s CAFFEINE algorithm and will accelarate as Google deploys Semantic SEO.


This is the Twitter feed of a recent follower @SpeedSynch where I created Semantic SEO Reports with SpeedSynch our internet marketing tools and software to understand the BLOG RESONANCE @BlueTrainSEO.  Note that this report is only from Tweets on the first Twitter page and created 2010.08.20 so if you look at the site now it will be different.

Note:  Click twice to expand or again or use zoom feature in your browser

SpeedSynch Semantic SEO Reports @BlueTrainSEO for Twitter Resonance Measures of the Twitter Stream

Semantic SEO Reports: @BlueTrainSEO 2010.08.20 Twitter Resonace Measure

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Nick Trendov